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Top 30 Homework Excuses. My sons AP Euro teacher has the most creative assignments.

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510 Views 9 Shares 0 Comments. The one bold assertion Ill make here is this a lot of homework assignments that teachers send home are pretty darn meaningless. Teachers must, from time to time, get some pretty funny test and homework answers but what about the inappropriate stuff that floats under the teachers red pen.

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Even though this one seems quite specific, little kids just. Stay with methe point of this post is to spark creativity, not debate.

homework teachers grades grading grading papers assignments funny tests tests funny test answers funny teachers notes from teachers. I made one funny sentence where all the words fit. Funniest Homework Assignment. Obviously you were not happy about it, but you just had to get the job done before Monday.

Self-responsibility and time-management skills are cultivated when students complete and hand in an assignment on time, no matter how small.

Why Homework Is Important. Find and save ideas about Funny homework on Pinterest. My sons AP Funny homework assignments from teachers funny homework assignments from teachers has the most creative assignments.

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She was just surprised and proud to come across this homework from her old students, all these years later.

My little sister drew a funny homework assignments from teachers of her holding a glass of wine and lying on the couch. Its the H word. The most messed up ones are the ones the teachers failed on. Kids are unfettered fountains of honesty and hilarity, even when it comes to school assignments.

what funny excuses can you make.

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Nov 22, 2015. Parents cringe when their kids mention it. Every day on our Facebook page, I post inspiring and funny quotes for teachers, as well as links to funny homework assignments from teachers educational websites.

Download Today. Aug 24, 2016. My own mother has been a victim of this.

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Top 30 Homework Excuses. Top 30 Homework Excuses.

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