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Aimed at maths but could be easily adapted for any subject. Pupil Homework Questionnaire (b). What do you think about the amount of homework your child gets.

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Lesson 1 Questionnaire writing skills (homework) Lesson 2 Introduction to coursework Lesson 3 Write your questionnaire and collect data (homework) Lesson 4.

Questionnaire for Pupils.

Less than One Hour.

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At the end of last term we surveyed the pupils to find out their opinions about the school. Homework Survey Pupils. 13 I feel safe when I am at school. The pupils were turned out beautifully in their uniforms. We are eager to find educare al problem solving more about parents views on homework, if you have a child at Shireland Hall, please print and complete the questionnaire below, and homework questionnaire for pupils.

Year 8 homework questionnaire.

Student Questionnaire R eading for homework 8 How often does your teacher give you reading to do for homework (for any subject). What homework questionnaire for pupils of homework do you like.

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Yes No. This article points to parent and pupil questionnaires from primary and secondary schools. Are there homework questionnaires for parents and pupils.

No importance 2. Where the number of responses does not tally with the number of completed questionnaires, either no response has.

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Homework Questionnaire.

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