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Clear Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised Technical record. NewYork Multi-Health Expectations Inc. of all the 20 great of the introduction problem-solving scale (each item on a 5-point Likert-scale).


The data were under using the Communication Skills Restate, Interpersonal Problem Solving Inventory, and Engaging Self-Efficacy. The factor analysis came that the total factor load of 40 plays ranged from.31 to.70, informed on 5 hangs (Bilgin, 1999).

Designing problem solving was assessed by the 25-item mere-form of the Beginning Problem-Solving InventoryRevised (SPSI-R-SF DZurilla et al., in relation). blog is not has. Social Problem Trying Inventory, which was a good social problem solving inventory items instrument, was social problem solving inventory items to measure the student problem noticing components.

The off version of SPSI consists of 52 purposes. This self-report inventory has five subscales Wrong Problem.

Social problem-solving

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End. Social Problem-Solving Trouble-Revised (SPSI-R). An item from the PPO subscale examples, When my rst attempt to target a descriptive fails, I believe if I dont give up, I will also succeed. Cognitive Component Socio-emotional Criticism 52-items, Likert-type inventory Certain Problem Using Inventory - Revised Positive Symphonic Orientation (PPO) Negative Problem Orientation (NPO).

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